Tuesday, February 3, 2015

holy shit it's 2015! what happened to January?!

I haven't posted in a little while...  since Thanksgiving.

So, I'm just filling the void with a very very dull update...

December was great.  I ate everything in site, loved Christmas season more than ever, and worked through a rough spell in running.  I don't remember the exact problem(s?) but I messed my back up a little at work and things went downhill for a bit.  There were also lower leg issues that may or may not have had to do with a brief return to track workouts.  Anyway, I quit that loopy track shit cold turkey.  (Mmmm, turkey.)  Relaxing about things and cutting back to the basics seemed to do the trick and I finally feel like I've recovered from a pretty crazy fall running/race schedule (for me).

So, what else?

Life's hectic (and freaking AWESOME):

1. My wife and I are gearing up for baby numero uno.  Due in 10 weeks!  Yeah, so, we are freaking out and really praying that it's just a puppy that comes out on the big day.  We could teach it to shit outside and "stay" and in a couple years it could turn into a manageable 2-3 yr child...

2. Some preliminary nesting chores had just begun to take place as we prepared for our new little human (science suggests it probably won't be a dog) to join us in our old little house when quite suddenly we found out we'd be nesting someplace else.  A ten year plan that involved my grandparents moving from the original Zielinski homestead of 4ish generations was kicked into high gear and made into a 2-3 month plan.  We are really excited about the new place but moving them then us is a huge task.  Lots of work to do on 2 houses as we move into one and sell the other.

3. Logging the miles: trips for work and fun to Baltimore, MD and McCall, ID over the past month.  I know compared to all y'all jetsetters this looks pretty amateur but I don't get out of the county much anymore.  It's true--no matter how much I'd like to consider myself a worldly voyager.

4.  Work is crazy.  The madness of harvest/Spring is here at least a month early and no end in site (June lull?  Maybe.)  It feels good to be pushing the pace all day but damn working hard is hard.

And, as of late, I have nearly forgotten about running as a competitive endeavor:

1.  No races anytime soon.  Not even a rough schedule for the year.  This would have drove me nuts a year or so ago as I considered races the primary reason I must awaken and run before the sun rises everyday (ok, almost everyday).  If I didn't so it so-and-so would and man, then what?!  But these days I am really liking just training for training's sake.

2.  I keep up on and follow friends' races and results and just get really stoked for them.  I mean, these are races I would love to do and see what I could do but strangely I am not even the slightest bit jealous that I am not there or whatever.  It's weird, I used to wish that I had more free time to go out and be in the race scene like some folks seem to be; you know those people with flexible or at least consistent schedules and an endless budget for race entries.  But now, I just pop in look over the results of some of my favorite races and shoot a friend a message to congratulate him/her on their effort.  That's good enough.

3.  Training is going pretty good despite all the interruptions life keeps hurling.  I just take what I can get and it seems like it's working.  I am focusing on pushing things a little more.  That's too vague for you?  Well when it's fast I go comfortably fast and when it's super easy I go super slow.  I guess I've found myself working on 3 gears of training-high, medium and low (not just high and low, no medium or high and medium, no low--as I have had a tendency to do from time to time).  That made no sense.  I hope you're not all stupider for reading that.

4.  I am not completely directionless, I am just not laser focused.  I am signed up for the Mac 50k but my sights are really on a creating a fast/strong self by mid/late July.  I want to fly and climb the best I can for a race then.  Maybe I'll build on that with a fall marathon but that idea literally popped into my head yesterday and could be gone tomorrow.

Ok, gotta go.  You, dearest superfan, hold on.


  1. 10 weeks! Congrats and good luck!

    1. GZ, that mean's a lot coming from a dad like you. Thanks!