Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gobble Gobble: My First Time Partaking in The Great American Phenomena of the Turkey Trot 5k

Since this blog is basically just a pile of race reports I thought I'd make a quick note about Runacopia 5k that I did on Thankgiving.

I'll just paste in my log notes to keep it brief:

felt like garbage on warm up jog downtown.  questioned racing entirely but not before I could register myself.  did a few strides felt just a bit better. race was pretty non descript just paved paths, streets, bark path, one tiny hill and a bunch of turns all over the place.  few faster guys so I wasn't alone on a time trial but there was little changing of places.  I was able to surge at the end as I was just starting to settle in to the pace with only .75 mile left.  kind of an off day but fun and a PR at a distance that i've never had a solid go at (still room for lots of time shaving!).  cooled down with Mac in the park.  said happy thanksgiving a bunch of times to a bunch of people then jogged home.

16:44.  2nd OA.  http://onlineraceresults.com/race/view_race.php?race_id=44943#racetop

Additional notes:

cool to see all the people out having fun (costumes, kids, runner types, non-runners, strollers, old, young, etc.)

Later that day I ate my heart out.  Not a ton of any one dish but there were so many dishes it all added up.  Thanksgiving is such a cool holiday.  I hope yours was special too!  Thanks for reading and being so damn awesome!