Saturday, April 6, 2013

mac 50k: part deux

With the R2R2R trip with Nick and Dan off the books for this Spring I was left without a longer distance running objective this Spring.  So, last week I finally pulled the plug and grabbed one of the last 20-30 spots in the MacDonald Forest 50k.  I am excited to be headed back to such a challenging course and a great race.

coincidentally, for last weekend's long run i did the course with RD Dennis G.  We started at the saddle so it was done in a mixed up way but we covered the entire route in the proper direction no less.  it was a great effort with some good running mixed in with some more mellow efforts (power hiking) on the steeper climbs.  the course is in great shape at the moment after a moderate winter with very little rainfall after December's deluge.  It's eeking it's way towards 7,000' of vert with a new bump thrown in the mix at mile 27ish.  it's a tough run but i felt pretty good despite running seriously low on food, salt and water in the last 6-7 miles (a refill at the cabin was planned but water was not on yet).

training is going fairly well.  summer hours at work mean i have to get out the door around 4ish in the morning which is really only tough because i've lost the accountability factor that comes with running with a group (they still start around 5).  fortunately, KT's been really busy with work so getting out in the evenings has been an option lately.

today i am headed out to some new trails on private land just 5-10 minutes from home.  could this be the phantom 15 miles of hilly forested trail (in Salem!) i've been yearning for?!  i don't have time to drive out to other trails in the summer months so i certainly hope so!

the new montrail fluid flex's are pretty nice.  they have that buttery "cadillac feel" to them vs. the "porsche feel" of many of my other shoes which takes a little getting used to.  i had a great track workout in them but I prefer the "feel" of a more racing flat type shoe when really digging in.  Pretty happy with the purchase overall as they really round out the quiver and serve perfectly for the long road runs.