Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a nod from mr honest himself

Postscript: I hate these kind of posts. Actually it's just the second paragraph that I hate. This is like the 3rd time I've ever done such a thing. Sorry. But seriously, why would anyone waste time writing this so some poor soul wastes his/her time reading it?  

Got a nod of approval from the track this morning: some progress is being made. It feels especially good to feel solid out there on the oval because as everyone who has ever set foot on one knows: the track don't lie.

Long workdays everyday, poor diet, beer, beef, parties, sitting on my ass for hours on end (in a combine)...  it's summertime!  Seriously though it's been pretty nice to run in the sun just wish I had more time to get out in the mountains for some outings worth talking about.

Note: read this when things wind down in the fall and take advantage of free time before weather goes to complete crappola in the hills...

There it is--more mediocre running and writing served lukewarm by your esteemed champion of mediocrity.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

America's Last Great Mtn. Race

Superb article from Senor Gates on Mt. Marathon Race.


I am not one to bucketlist but this race is something I'd like to do someday, hopefully before I am too old to destroy my knees...

Training is going well-ish.  Avoiding injury and doing quite a bit of significant quality stuff.  Long runs are a bit short though I've managed to hit 15+ miles on Sat. and 8 or so on Sun. which adds up to the typical 20-25ish on Sat with Sun off.  Afterall, the upcoming event, Mt. Ashland Hill Climb, is a half marathon not a 50k.

I've crossed over to running's darkside.  I sold some rock climbing gear to pay for shoes/races.  I even started running on the mill (hamster wheel) to get the sustained uphill workouts I can't get to at 4am on the weekdays.  Miles and miles at 8-9% grade, and quite a few minutes/hrs. creeping at 15%.  I hate the confines of the gym still but I am sick and can't help myself with this uphill running disease.

Not much to report, especially after the report in the link.  On the eve of my 31st birthday some friends and I made it out to Sprague HS Triple Crown track meet for a 1 mile event.  I jogged over there from my house to warm up.  Effort felt mellow for laps 1-3 which was intentional as I wanted to burn the last 400 with the last 200 being my best attempt at wildfire speed.  Not sure how well this panned out as the last 200 was fairly solid but a real live short distance dude slipped by me in the last 10-15 feet and Don G held much of the gap he had the whole race.  I finished in 5:07.  Next time I am setting my watch and doing a little more effort in laps 1-3.  I also plan to eat less cookies and cake on race day.  Additionally, new kicks feel faster than Fluidflex squishfest (which are comfy but kind of suck the life out of speed workouts).  All that said, I think sub 5 is within reach.

Over and out, Superfans of Mediocrity.  May all of your most mediocre dreams come true.