Monday, August 27, 2012

negative nancy

this bloggy-blog has taken a turn for the dark side...  it's posts are few and far between but lately it's overridden with sentiments of frustration and general negativity.

i worked hard enough to see glimpses of what i am capable of only to get an over-use injury that will have me taking my 1st DNS (did not start).  such is the plight of the endurance athlete i suppose.  we must delicately balance on the fence between too much and not enough and find the zone that gives us the most return without going overboard.  i went to the edge and fell off.  i wouldn't say i went nuts and jumped off but i sort of lost my footing a bit and stumbled slow-motion downward.

the good news is....  i still feel stronger than ever.  i went for a short 10k run yesterday and effortlessly crushed my "race" time there.  I was just taking things easy and enjoying myself and arrived minutes ahead of my all out pace from just months ago.  my knee still let me know that it wasn't 100% but it's on the mend.

this whole "overboard" experience has been a much needed wake up call.  if i don't address my poor core strength and flexibility i am going to continue to be plagued by injury.  to be honest, it's probably a miracle i made it this far along without hurting myself.

awakened, i look at things a bit differently.  i am going to need to recalibrate the training schedule to include a bit less running and more core and hip strengthening.  i am going to need to spend more time stretching and working on overall flexibility not just on the areas that are sore all the time.  in short, i need to join the wife for a yoga and/or pilates video a few days a week.  gah, it kills me just thinking about them!  why?  because they pick on the parts of me that are the weakest.  like it or not, i can't go to the next level without addressing these weak links.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rite of Passage?!!

Well I've putting in the miles for months now and really feeling better and better as time goes on.  Sure I've come across a few little glitches with tight calves and achilles, etc. but nothing that demanded I get off the horse and go sit in the barn.  Until now....

What appears to be my IT band is causing the craziest pain in my knee.  I am not going to get into the details of what it feels like but it hurts.  Bad.

I am not going to carry on about how bad this sucks and all--no, I just wanted to note that this injury, according to many in the tribe of distance runners, marks a "rite of passage".  I've graduated, I've completed my Vision Quest, I've been "winged", I've been Confirmed and what is my reward?  ITBS:  IT Band Syndrome, IT Bull Shit.

Hopefully I will recover quick and get back to occasional posts that involve running here and daily entries to the log.  Until then you will find me off in a corner doing this: